Recent and Notable Articles

Magazine Articles

"Lisa's Shoe,"

Drunken Boat #8, 2006.

A nonfiction short story on an admired shoe repairman (winner of the 2006 Drunken Boat Panliterary Award in nonfiction).

"A Thirst We Can't Quench,"

OnEarth Magazine, Fall 2006.

An essay/review on the world's intensifying crisis in water scarcity.

"Over Her Dead Body,"

Mother Jones, July/August 2006.

A short portrait of Medha Patkar, the world's foremost antidam activist and the subject of the first third of Deep Water.

"Six Hundred Feet and Rising,"

OnEarth Magazine, Summer 2006.

A feature magazine article on the proposed raising of California's Shasta Dam and its devastating impact on the Winnemem Wintu tribe.

"Back Story,"

Columbia Journalism Review, May/June 2006.

An essay on writing, surgery, and addiction to pain medications.

"Damming the World Bank,"

Alternet, November 23, 2005.

A short essay on the World Bank's devious approach to dam construction.

"A dam that would not die,"

Sacamento Bee, September 11, 2005.

An opinion piece on California's Auburn Dam, the project that again and again rises from the dead.

"Sister Medha"

Orion, July/August 2005.

A portrait of Medha Patkar, the world's foremost anti-dam activist, adapted from Deep Water.

"In the Age of Perverse Beauty"

OnEarth Magazine, Summer 2005.

Global warming as seductive spectacle.

"Using Narrative to Tell Stories About Water,"

Nieman Reports, Spring 2005.

On the creation of Deep Water.

"Running Dry: What Happens When the World No Longer Has Enough Freshwater?"

Harper's Magazine, July 2000 cover story.

A 12,000-word Harper's folio piece on the planet's accelerating water scarcity.

"Smirk from the Past"

Salon, March 1, 2000.

Why my classmate George W. Bush and I are mirror images, linked but opposite.


Wired, November 1999.

The incongruity of telecommunications in Cambodia.

"Powerless" and "Life in the Dark"

Wired, April 1999 cover story.

Power blackouts that (unlike Y2K) really happened.

"Dawn of the Hydrogen Age"

Wired, October 1997.

The Promise of fuel cell technology.

"Mail Bonding"

Wired, March 1994.

The social impact of email.

"Conforming Couplings"

Newsweek, February 15, 1993.

On being Leslie Leslie.

Newspaper Articles (Los Angeles Times)

The Mark provides background to all these stories.

"Quang Tri Refugees Had Lost Hope, Expected to Die Soon"

July 23, 1972

"Communist Cadres Use Nightly Persuasion: Told to Hamper Truce, Viet Villagers Say"

November 21, 1972.

     «The following stories from Vietnam won A Sigma Delta Chi Distinguished Service Award,       an Overseas Press Club citation, and a Pulitzer Prize nomination for foreign       correspondence.»

"'We Are Friends,' Viet Cong Tell Visiting U.S. Newsman"

February 1, 1973.

An account of the first visit by an American correspondent into Viet Cong territory in South Vietnam.

"Binh Phu: A Lesson in How Viet Cong Village Operates"

February 2, 1973.

Analysis based on my trip to Viet Cong territory.

"In Viet Cong Country, Villagers Are the Key"

February 4, 1973.

More reflections on the Viet Cong visit.

"Saigon's Political Prisoners Tell of Torture: Freed with Paralyzed, Atrophied Legs"

March 4, 1973.

A clandestine hospital room meeting with 13 survivors of South Vietnam's notorious "tiger cages."

"Three S. Viet Prisoners Tell About Torture"

March 8, 1973.

As I watched, female inmates in the prison ward of a province hospital suffered seizures as a result of torture by electricity inflicted months earlier.

"U.S. Advisers Tell of Viet Corruption"

April 23, 1973.

This story and the next two were based on documents surreptitiously taken out of the United States embassy in Saigon.

"Both Sides Found Committing Major Viet Truce Violations: Although White House Depicts Reds as Main Transgressor, U.S. Embassy Documents Present Far Less Clear-Cut View"

May 26, 1973

"Troop Corruption Seen Alienating S. Viet Populace"

May 27, 1973.

"Vietnam Generals Suspected in Brass Smuggling Scandal"

June 20, 1973.

I became curious when I read that the Japanese manager of Mitsubishi's Saigon branch had been imprisoned without explanation. This story was the main factor in my expulsion from South Vietnam a month after it appeared.